Fly Dressing


A whole row of  Fly Dressers!  The Fly Dressers row is where iFISH has gathered together some of the world's top fly tyers all of whom will be demonstrating their skills at the vice.

These dressers will be tying a huge variety of flies and are happy for you to ask them questions or just watch in amazement at their dexterity in creating miniture works of art.




If you have any particular fly dressing problems then there is the fly dressing clinic where 3 expert tyers will be on hand to solve your tying troubles or just give out advice.  The Fly Dressers' Guild are kindly running a Have a Go event.  No matter if you are young or old it is never too late to tie your own flies.  Expert members of the Fly Dressers Guild will guide you through the whole process from putting the hook in the vice to finishing the fly head. To take part go to the Fly Dressers' Guild stand and book yourself in - you never know that fly you tied may be the one to catch you a big 'un.


Again the experts from the Fly Dressers' Guild are running short mini-guides of 15 minutes on various aspects of fly tying.  These mini-guides happen between the main Fly Tying & Casting Demonstrations - so you don't miss out on anything.  Designed to be easy to follow and quick to learn from these are ideal to brush up your fly tying skills. The timetable and topics of the mini-guides will appear here later in the year.