During iFISH the Instructors of GAIA (The Game Angling Instructors' Association) and the Instructors of the BFFC (British Fly Casting Club) will be running 20 minute casting tuition/coaching lessons.  A 20 minute lesson would normally cost £15 - however for all entrants to the fly fair we have negotiated that they will only cost £10 -a discount of 33% off their normal price

To obtain your lesson please visit the booking booth situated between the GAIA stand and the BFFC stand and book a session with them.  Please note we expect that there will be more requests than we have slots available so early booking is recommended (book your slot when you enter the fair).



GAIA has over 400 qualified instructors in the United Kingdom, Southern Ireland, Italy and the United States.  It is one of the oldest Flycasting and Instructing organisations in the country and has highly regarded.


During the show lessons will be given on:

  • Single Handed Casting (Trout, Grayling etc)

  • Double Handed Casting (Salmon)


Whatever your age or standard, whether total beginner or just requiring a fine tune, having a lesson or two can save much frustration and wasted time at your fishing destination.  


If you would like to become an instructor or are just thinking about it at this stage, please come and talk to us at the show to find out more information about the processes involved and register as an Associate Member;  the first step on your exciting journey to becoming one of our instructors.


Do come along and watch a casting demonstrations or have a go, we would be delighted to see you.





Tuition, even once or twice a year, casters become better and better whereas, without it, they go backwards. This is because the muscular movements needed for good casting are vastly different from those normally employed and must, therefore, be learned regularly to prevent a return to lazier and ineffective ways.


However, this is not to say that everyone is required to strive for maximum competition distances. It may be for physical reasons, pressures on time or, even, a lack of competitive spirit, that an individual is happy just to know they are casting well. In which case ‘the have a go for gold’ Badge Scheme may well be challenge enough, but they will be more than welcome. The joy caused by a well performed 20 or 25 yard Badge cast has to be seen to be believed! The way the scheme operates is simple, with the caster using their own, up to 10ft #7 rod and line, or a Club outfit if preferred, a sufficient period of tuition is given. The caster then has a three minute casting session to achieve their longest possible cast, which is then measured and recorded which may achieve a ‘Badge’ distance. However, if not, a little more tuition and another ‘measure’ often does. Badges start at 20 yards for under 18′s and all ladies, and 25 yards for everyone else, rising in 5 yard steps. Hopefully, this experience will inspire casters to practise between BFCC Meetings and so go on to bigger distances, or fish, or both?


For those with a more adventurous spirit and wishing to enter the various competition events, there will be tuition and tackle advice from some of the finest casters in the UK. BFCC Casting Coaches are not only very knowledgeable and approachable (except when casting please), but they are happy to act as role models with their performances in competition events. Various casting styles, achieving similar results will be on view which is a good thing, since it encourages endless discussion and continued interest in a technically complex and rewarding activity. The main thing about this is that the individual will eventually determine which style best suits them, while being taught the finer points of distance casting in the company of like-minded Club Members